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Company profile

Start Italiana s.r.l. was established in 1993, initially as exclusive distributor of equipment produced by primary international Companies, for the measurement of level and flow of liquids, to be utilized in industrial fields such as chemical and petrochemical installations, water treatment and distribution, food and beverage, and generally in areas presenting hazards or danger of explosion;

In 1996 Start Italiana modified the Company strategy setting up its own production of equipment, and expanded its core business to tank level monitoring in petrol stations, fuel depots and road tankers;

In 2000 Start Italiana began the development of new explosion-proof, Magnetostrictive level gauges , with digital displays and tank management software;

In 2006 Start Italiana achieved ISO 9001 Quality System Certification issued by the Italian Cesi Institute and ATEX approval;

In the year 2008 Start Italiana developed a new line of intrinsically safe wired and wireless Magnetostrictive level probes , together with a wide range of Consoles for indoor and outdoor installations;

In 2010 Start Italiana got the metrological certification OIML R85 for all the Magnetostrictive series and associated consoles, from CMI, National Check Metrological Institute;

During 2011 Start Italiana purchased new premises in Bovisio Masciago, in view of increasing the production volume;

During 2012 Start Italiana developed a new 3D Laser Scan for tanks calibration;

In 2013 Tokheim purchased the majority of Start Italiana and the new ProGauge business unit has been created;

During 2015 the new MagLink LX console has been launched;

In February 2016 the full ownership of Start Italiana moved to Tokheim and in June 2016 ProGauge has been sold to Dover corporation and included in the newly formed Dover Fueling Solution operating Company;

So far ProGauge has sold more than 170.000 Magnetostrictive probes, 10.000 consoles and 40 3D lasers, and its own products are distributed worldwide.