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Intrinsecally Safe Barriers

BRA-SI Active Intrinsically Safe Barrier

The BRA-SI is a barrier completely opto-isolated to power and exchange data with sensors in hazardous area.
A typical device is, for example, a transmitter of process data with 12 Vdc power supply and RS485 interface.

The unit provides 4 connectors for the following functions:

  • Powering external devices in hazardous location sites
    at 12 VDC, 0.1A max
  • RS485 interface opto-isolated
  • RS485 interface to safe area
  • RS232 interface to safe area
  • The three ports are opto-isolated.
The BRA-SI is equipped with 3 LED's with the following functions:
  • Indicates that the device is "on"
  • Indicates the presence of data in transit
    from transmitter to the barrier
  • Indicates the presence of data in transit
    from the barrier to the transmitter

BRA-SIP (BRA-2SIP) Passive Intrinsically Safe Barrier

The BRA-SIP device is an intrinsic saety passive barrier which is used to power and to exchange data with devices in the hazardous zone.

The BRA-SIP has a channel for power supply and it has a dual channel for the RS485 interface.
A typical device, for example, is a data process transmitter with 2ì12 VDC power supply and RS485 interface.
ATEX Certified