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Fuel Quality Sensor DVD

Fuel quality analisys and product identification

  • Fuel Density ρ (kg/m³)
  • Fuel Viscosity µ (cp)
  • Fuel Dielectric constant ɛ
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Level and water interface (mm)
    with multi-parametric calculation

DVD description

Fuel quality sensor DVD is an integrated TUNING FORK sensor that will directly and simultaneously measure the viscosity, density, dielectric constant, temperature of fuels.
Relying on patented tuning fork technology, the sensor monitors the direct and dynamic relationship between multiple physical properties to determine the quality, condition and contaminant loading of fuels such as diesel biodiesel, gasoline, Jet fuel, kerosene, biodiesel concentration and urea quality.
The multi-parametric analysis capability improves fluid characterization algorithms. The BS DVD provides in-line monitoring of fluids for a wide range of applications including fuel tanks, process lines and pressurized high flow conduits. A digital serial compliant protocol provides easy to connect interface to Consoles controller.

Fuel types

Simultaneous measurement with DVD sensor for three physical properties enables absolute fuel fingerprint analysis to confirm fuel type.

DVD features

  • Patented Tuning Fork Technology with high accuracy
  • Static and direct measurement, no moving parts,
    resistant to turbulence
  • No dead zone, full range level measurement
  • Rugged construction for high pressure and high flow environments
  • Proprietary corrosion and contaminant resistant coating
    for wetted parts
  • On-board microprocessor for real-time data analysis
  • Highly reliable and long term stability
  • ATEX Compliance, suitable for 0 zone.
    CEC 13 ATEX 052 EX II 1 G Ex ma ia IIC T4/T3 Ga
    ATEX compliance suitable for 0 zone ("stand alone" version):
    CEC 13 ATEX 051 EX II 1 G Ex ma IIC T5/T3 Ga

DVD applications

  • Density solution for retail and depots automation
  • Real time fuel quality
  • Biodiesel in diesel concentration
  • Anti-crossover fuels detection
  • Sump and interstitial sensors with liquid discriminating
    (empty status / type of fuel / water).


DVD integrated XMT probe:
EX II 1 G Ex ma ia IIC T4/T3 Ga IP66/68 DVD+XMT

Stand-alone process in-line:
EX II 1 G Ex ma IIC T5/T3 Ga IP66/68

Fuel type graphics

Sumps sensor

Dispenser sump control

  • Detect and signal fluid presence in double wall tank cavities
    and in under dispenser sumps, discriminating between water and fuel.
  • RS485 serial communication.
  • Wireless RF available.