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Level Switch


Level Switch


The Start Italiana electromagnetic level switches have been made to control the level of a liquid inside a tank.
Suitable for each type of fluid, allow to control up to six level points located along a single guide rod.
Thanks to continuous research into new solutions, Start Italiana is able to offer a high quality product at very competitive cost-effective solutions.

Working principle

The level controls ON-OFF are tools of the electromechanical type, consisting of a guide rod on which glide / the floating / and, by a process connection fixed and / or sliding threaded or flanged and an electrical output.
The floats magnetically actuate the contacts located inside the sliding rod. The position of these contacts is defined in the order and can not be changed later.
Normally contacts are wired according to a specific internal standard.
The electrical connection, depending on the type of instrument, can be directly sealed cable, using DIN 43650 or via terminals housed in weatherproof housing IP65.

Main features

  • Top or side mount
  • Single and multiple unit (maximum six breakpoints)
  • Material guide probe: AISI 316L, brass, PVC, Polypropylene
  • AProcess connection: threaded GAS-M, NPT-M, flanged UNI, DIN, ANSI
  • Floats in AISI 316Ti, expanded cell foam PVC, polypropylene
  • Reed contacts SPST or SPDT
  • Wiring contacts: common, separate, to specific
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60 °C to 120 °C (other versions on request)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar to 70 bar (others on request)
  • Electrical connection by sealed cable, connector DIN 43650 or terminal block in weatherproof housing
  • Standard versions, IP and ATEX certified