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Tank Calibration System

Most effective cost/safety solution to calculate the volume of horizontal tanks.
Laser technology.
Accurate strapping table
High speed
Safe, ATEX certified, no need to de-gas the tank.
Easy to manage and setup.

Environmentally friendly: no need to use fuels or other liquids to perform calibration.
Versatile: suitable for any horizontal tank with min. 2" entry hole (maximum tank diameter plus manhole high:3500mm, maximum distance between 2" entry hole and the farthest wall: 10000mm)

Working principle

It is an innovative system to measure the volume of horizontal storage tanks, a highly accurate Laser measuring device is used to generate over 200+ points per centimetre of tank diameter giving the user a three-dimensional image of the tank.
Once the operation is completed, a powerful postprocessing software managed by the ProGauge Technical Team in Italy, is used to generate an accurate final Tank Chart table that can be uploaded into the Automatic Tank Gauge on site.
The operation is Safe, Fast with a minimum disruption to the site.