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Automatic Tank Calibration System

This equipment allows to perform the measure of the ability of a container (airspace), provided inspected from above.
A measuring rod rotated by a motor, screwed or pushed by a carriage, enters the vessel from cubare thus allowing to detect

a series of values axial and radial, which subsequently processed, determine the capacity of the container inspected.
The absence of electrical components allows the use of the equipment in tanks with the presence of flammable liquids or vapors.
ATEX certification EX II G Ex px IIC T4 Gb.

Working principle

An optical beam emitted from the laser rangefinder (1) crosses the measuring rod (2) suitably perforated and goes to reflect on the optical deflector (3), matching on the target.
The angle encoder (5) integral with the plunger (2) allows to detect the coordinates of a programmed series of points.
Positioning the screw starts on the lowest of the tank, through the motor (4) driven by the control unit of relief and control (6) is detected the 0 point of the measure.
By advancing the rod and synchronizing the vertical movement of the same by means of threading or with cart lift on the linear guide support and recording all the detected values (angles, positions, distances) is possible to construct the volume of the cistern.